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#ZenBlenz are a harmonious blend of premium fine dried fruits, nuts and confectionary for a zen experience.
Trust us, your #Father will thank you FORE picking up a can of Planters Mixed Nuts this weekend.
Mr. Peanut has gone missing! Can you help us find him?
Try this refreshing Almond Crusted Salmon to get you through the rest of the week!
You have to try this Almond Crusted Salmon recipe! Full recipe on our Facebook page.
My nutty adventures have taken me into the plains of Africa! Which animals do you think I saw? #StayNuttyMyFriends
Most interesting nut in the world coming at you! Follow his nutty adventures all summer long #StayNuttyMyFriends
Check out this super simple salad recipe! Full recipe on our Facebook page. 👌
Overnight oats are a great addition to any breakfast! Check out the full recipe on our Facebook page.
Having trouble picking your long weekend snack? It’s simple! Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts of course. #itjustmakessense